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As one of Canada’s oldest and most established cities, Toronto is a mecca of homes, families, businesses, arts, government, and much more. A city perpetually in a state of growth, new buildings are being erected on almost a daily basis. In such a fast-changing, modernizing world, it is easy to find that your home or businesses appearance could use an update. Perhaps your home is looking aged and no longer blends in nicely with the neighbourhood, or maybe your business is looking a little dated compared to all the shiny steel and glass towers popping up around you. Regardless of why or where you want to change the exterior appearance, Toronto façade panels are the answer. 

Toronto Façade Panels


A great deal of the older buildings in Toronto are made of brick and wood, and while they may look stunning in the beginning, over time, weather, environmental factors, and climate change can have a drastic effect on their presentation. Brick can be quite costly to repaint and by the time is necessary it will probably also require patching up cracks. Wood is surprisingly labour-intensive to keep pristine, requiring new paint in as little as 3 years, and is particularly susceptible to damage.


Toronto façade panels are a revolutionary product gaining serious traction in Canada and receiving accolades from the industry. These panels are able to attach to virtually any surface, from the aforementioned materials, to even heavy glass and pre-existing steel frames, and create a protective barrier around the exterior walls of your home, while quickly and easily modernizing appearances with a touch of elegance and class.



Are Toronto Façade Panels Right for Me?


If you own a home or business, the answer is yes! Toronto façade panels provide lasting protection, can be installed as a DIY project, and have an incredibly long lifespan.


Environmental Impact – Today most of us are very conscious about the carbon footprint we leave behind and many people prefer environmentally-friendly products. ACM Toronto façade panels are made from 100% recyclable aluminum and are coloured with a lead-free and non-toxic paint, meaning that even when their long life as siding is over, they can find renewed purpose as something else.


Quick and Easy – Thanks to modernization, Toronto façade panels systems can be installed by nearly anyone. Aluminum supports are simply attached to the existing wall, and once everything is level, the panels are slid in and locked in place with a tongue and groove system. If you aren’t comfortable with DIY, inquire with your panel provider – they generally have a list of reputable installation businesses they can recommend. 


Long-Lasting – When you make an investment in your home or business, you want to make sure that investment is protected. ACM panels baked the colour and finish directly onto the metal, sealing it in from weather, sun exposure, and incest damage. The best in the business provide up to 40 year warranties to back up the longevity of Toronto façade panels.


Contact a local supplier today to find out more about how Toronto façade panels can update your home by 50 years in a matter of days!

Nortem offers the most green and efficient cladding system. Our choice of fully recyclable material for our metal panelling products is based on research and innovation.

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